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Below are some of Strange Nature's favourite bizarre animals. One of a kind species and the most bizarre animals ever. 

There are over 1.5 million different types of animals in the world (that we know of). These are some of the most bizarre animal pictures and videos. 

Bizarre Animals in no order...

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two headed turtleTwo headed Turtle - A bizarre turtle with two heads
cyclops pig bizarre animals Cyclops Pig - A bizarre pig with two noses and one eye
ugly fish bizarre animalsUgly Fish - This bizarre looking fish is a "Monk Fish". A popular dish but such a strange looking animal!
bizarre animals Strange Animals of the Deep Sea - A collection of deep sea fish.
fattest cat in the world everFattest Cat Ever - The title says it all but is the original fatter?
bizarre mole rat animalBizarre Mole Rat - A very ugly and bizarre animal indeed!
bizarre fishFreaky Animals - A collection of the most bizarre and freaky animals ever!

ugly cat
 Ugly Cat - We love animals we really do but like people you get good looking ones and pretty darn ugly ones!

ninja cat
Video>> Cats getting high - See the effects of cats getting high from catnip. Very bizarre stuff!

The most bizarre animals in the world! "We love it" -