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New Year Resolutions 2012
Funny Animal Special! would like to wish you a Happy New Year! Have you made any New Year Resolutions for 2012? 

You will no longer be stuck for ideas, as the animals have thought up ideas for you! Could YOU give these New Years Resolutions a try?


New Years Funny Animal Pictures!  Try these Resolutions...
...Lets start with "Becoming less selfish"
It doesn't matter if Uncle Jerry bought you a seriously boring present.
new years resolutions selfish cat

We all overindulge at Xmas...
...Drink Less!
Cut the Beer and Vodka

new years resolutions drinking cat 1

new years resolutions drinking cat 2

new years resolutions drinking cat 3

new years resolutions drunk dog

We all work far to hard...
...You should really take more Holidays
Don't let the boss run you down!

new years resolutions tired hamster

new years resolutions monkey

Then again...
...You really could do more DIY
Although, not all of us are made for it

new years resolutions tired dog

Don't forget this one...
...Quit Smoking NOW!
Stay off the cigarettes, you know you should!

new years resolutions smoking fish

new years resolutions smoking elephant

Cut out the Junk food...
...Stay healthy and keep fit!
Go to the gym for more than a week this year!

new years resolutions gym dog

Are you in the mood for love?...
...Spend quality time with loved ones
Opposites attract! (so they say)

new years resolutions odd partners

last but not least...
...Boys! stay off the computer (there is a World out there!)
Well, it can be fun though...

new years resolutions gaming hamster

Well there you have it folks. Make these New Years Resolutions
(Kids, make sure you forward this to your Parents or older brothers and sisters!)


Ruby said...

This is very cute and funny. Love it!

SmashPumpkin!!!!! said...

I need to stop tweeting so much and I also spend to much time on facebook, there I've said it!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Thanks i forwarded this to my friend who drinks too much ;)

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