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**Funny Animal Frenzy!** - Funny Swimming Animals
Not all animals are good at swimming but you'd be surprised at which funny animals are caught taking a quick dip at the swimming pool!
Here are a few pictures of funny swimming animals :)

funny swimming animals 01
Funny animal taking a bite while having a swim

funny swimming animals 02
Cat not enjoying a swim!

messed with the wrong cat caption
Looks like cats do not like swimming at all. We may have crossed the wrong cat. - Funny Klaus quote from Amercan Dad :)

funny swimming animals 03
Funny Swimming Bull - This funny swimming animal had escaped from a field nearby. The Bull was being chased by farmer when he crashed into a residents garden and dived straight into the water [joining the ongoing pool party!].
funny swimming animals 04
Funny Dog doesn't want to swim!

funny swimming animals 05
Cute little mouse swimming

funny swimming animals 06
This dog is taking no chances in the swimming pool!

funny swimming animals 07
 Funny swimming animals - Dog chilling by the pool

funny swimming animals 08
Great picture of a pig swimming! [National Geographic]

funny swimming animals 09
Funny monkey swimming with other animals!

funny monkey by the swimming pool
Time to let the animals dry off after a good swim folks!

Remember next time your pet is down at the sea front, look out for funny shots. Send us your funny swimming animal pictures!

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These pics are brill!

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