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Exotic Lolcats join the fun!

Expensive cats are known to be fussy and spoilt (that's not true!), they can have fun too. Check out these Funny Exotic Lolcats! From Bengal cats to rare felines, these funny moggys will tickle your waste-lines!

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funny exotic cats 1

funny exotic cats 2
Naughty can eating its boogers!

funny exotic cats 3
Awwww, cute exotic cat and dog cuddle in bed!

funny exotic cats 4
Funny Rare cat! Some strange objects ???

funny exotic cats 6
Rare Cat...HEY!!

That's all folks! Look out for more Funny exotic Cats on

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Strange Nature's Tommy Found after 2 months in Freezing British Weather!

It seems like a lifetime ago when Tommy the tomcat, a indoor cat by choice, found himself locked out in the freezing months of the year. For days we searched long and hard (in the early hours) for Tommy who seemed to had disappeared from the face of the Earth!

Tommy, days after he returned.

For those who are new to Tommy as a kitten developed epilepsy. He is in great health now but unlike other cats, he has trouble hunting and jumping. This was the main worry when he escaped.

Trapped between a rock and a hard cold place

As if by a miracle Tommy is now home and safe after being trapped in a shed full of junk with a huge dog occupying the garden surrounding. Poor Tommy was held captive by a strange lady who did not feed him much food or water. We are sure that Tommy would not have survived much longer in those conditions.

We can never understand how a person can be a dog lover but be so cruel to a cat. Luckily he was found and traced back to the shed before things got worse for Tommy.

Home and Well!

Tommy is now back in good shape and very happy to be at home with the Strange Nature Team! HIP HIP! HURRAAAA!

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...and the weirdest photo of the month award goes to...

cat meets with god

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Let's kickstart with some oh my gosh funny animals! O....M.....G what the hell are we thinking? I don't know, do you??

Yes, that's right folks. Animals have "omg" moments too. Here is a small collection of funny animals straight from the depths of

OMG!!!!!!!! :)
omg funny animals bird

omg funny animals cat 3

omg funny animals cat 1

omg funny animals cat 2

omg funny animals dog


omg funny animals what has been seen

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This funny Meerkat looks far from impressed with his new friend!
Baby Lion hugging a Meerkat...awwwww, cute.
funny meerkat and lion

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Cute baby hedgehog. Quite possibly the cutest animal ever seen! A mid week treat for all Strange Nature readers :)
cutest hedgehog ever seen